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Public Affairs. Coaching and Leadership Development. Communications.

The creation of a war room can be key to a successful and coordinated response strategy during a crisis or complex situation. When a corporate or political crisis happens, the creation of a war room or “command center” can be critical to the success of a response. We design coordinated defense solutions and we have the capability and experience to form Situation or War rooms, depending on the circumstances, in a few hours, made up of senior multidisciplinary teams in different parts of the world where we operate with our own methodology and advanced technology.

Our team has senior experts at a global level, who have worked in the government in their respective countries, which facilitates a deep understanding of how to navigate through the political, legislative and regulatory arenas, in a global context of widespread feelings of dissatisfaction. In this sense, we help our clients to carry out communications aimed at government officials, as well as designing and implementing actions to educate legislators on matters of interest to the organization. 

Stakeholders are people or organizations that have influence over the company’s business. Before a company begins to build alliances with its stakeholders, it needs to differentiate which ones can be useful for its business. Stakeholders can be classified according to the degree of interest in the business and the degree of influence they have over the business. Alliances are bound to become an increasingly important organizational and operational strategy. The identification of players, the construction of powerful and meaningful networks and alliances is today one of the greatest challenges for ethical and transformational leadership. 

Our Coaches accompany the client in an exploratory and reflective personal development, taking conversations as the starting point of this process. The objective is the empowerment of leadership, its capacity for action and the improvement of results. Our offer proclaims a new leadership based on reflection, responsibility and ethics, as the transforming capacity of the present. Likewise, we organize and carry out Workshops, and Classes, tailored to the needs of our clients. In them, we help empower organizational leadership in:

• Leadership and Management and Political Capabilities
• Prestige, Reputation, Brand and Image 
High Performance Teams 
Crisis and Media Trainings

We help our clients to strategically position their points of view on various problems, both proactively and reactively in the media. Dialogue and influence are fundamental objectives in building power and conversations are a key tool to achieve success. The media continues to be one of the main channels of contact for organizations with audiences. Establishing an effective relationship with the media can contribute to create a positive perception of a topic of interest or a specific organization. The media is another space for disputes between organizations that usually fight for clients, or for governments to gain the support of public opinion, which is why it is increasingly important to design and implement effective Communication Plans.

We create and develop strategic digital campaigns, through an exhaustive process of preliminary research led by specialists and a team of scientists who study the topography of links, and that allow clients to dialogue effectively with their stakeholders.

We support organizations in successfully defending policies that convey their objectives. For this, we offer open data intelligence reports and special investigations on countries, markets and/or people, tailored to our clients, due diligence (with Scientifica.ai). These Reports offer a deeper understanding of the processes and policies that are critical to an organization’s reputation. These daily, weekly or monthly reports identify and analyze key information on regulatory, legislative, communicative and reputational matters to help clients make decisions about the direction required for their business.