Our purpose

Power is today under deep questioning. It is under observation. Naked and facing an enormous demand for effectiveness. Probably, no other recent crisis has revealed the lack of a new type of leadership. Ethical and effective, and in an international coordination, such as that derived by Covid-19. We are witnessing growing discontent, unease and dissatisfaction on a planetary scale and distrust in corporations. Which are seen as only concerned with private interests and not with the common good.

Governments are also under constant interpellation, who play an increasingly decisive role in the international economy and influence practically all the affairs of the Organizations. They continue to represent the engine of economic development and innovation. But the technological revolution has taken them to another level of evolution, it has pushed Governments to redefine their links with a community with the capacity to generate and receive their own and individual opinion as never before in the history of humanity.

In this context, individuals, companies and organizations need more than ever to have solid strategies and a Public Affairs roadmap, which is constantly under review. Leadership, Public Affairs and Communication of the 21st century demand 21st century responses and much of the market supply continues to be, at best, 20th century. Public opinion demands social actors truly committed to the co-construction of a present and possible future and shared responsibilities. The pressure on companies to become more involved in helping to resolve public issues is and will be much greater. Public and regulatory issues are radically changing and few things will remain the same.

Companies must evolve towards a new leadership that, necessarily, can align their mission with the values and social priorities of their environment, such as poverty, inequality, lack of resources for education, infrastructure, public health and growing environmental challenges. The strategic focus is not only on business results – and on empathy, people development, teamwork and collaboration within the organization itself – but also on the resolution of conflicts that society is going through.

This is the purpose of the International Public Affairs Network. Leadership for a better world, a network of senior professionals in Public Affairs at a global level, which proclaims a new leadership based on reflection, responsibility and ethic. The latter not as something restorative of the past, which comes to establish values morals of the past, but with a focus on the transforming capacity of the present.